Improving our support system with Zendesk

In an ongoing effort to enhance our customer support to be more time efficient, user friendly, and optimized, we are excited to announce the expansion of our Zendesk integration. Moving away from our previous proprietary support system, the expansion of Zendesk will allow our support staff to better service and process all your interactions and tickets from one dynamic interface. Designed for companies with scalability as a priority, over 2,000 companies are using Zendesk with notable names such as Twitter, Reddit and Uber standing at the helm of utilizing Zendesk’s services.

Our legacy support system was built when we had less than 10% of our current subscriber base and over the last year we have been working on integrating Zendesk's support capabilities to enhance and improve your support experience. We are utilizing Zendesk to significantly reduce the wait on reply times and ultimately better your customer service experience. Also note that tickets that have currently been opened on our previous system will still be valid and that all new tickets will be addressed using our new system.

We believe this rollout will make the entire ESEA support experience more efficient and convenient while acknowledging and building upon our commitments of enhancing our complete user experience. We are excited that these changes are a positive step towards taking our support to the next level, providing faster responses while also allowing us to address future issues more efficiently.

We are constantly searching for ways to improve the platform and provide a better experience for you. So, if you ever have any questions, concerns, feedback, or suggestions, please feel free to let us know through the forums or by creating a ticket.