Launching Global Discord Community!

We are excited to announce the launch of our global Discord community server. For some time, we've been using Discord to facilitate various functions of ESEA across multiple servers, and we believe it’s time that we unify our communities in one central place. Effective immediately, all of our community Discord servers (Events, qualifiers, Rank G, and Rank S, etc) are turned off and migrated to this unified server while maintaining their respective functionalities. This server will be an extension of ESEA's website and platform, therefore all community conduct policies apply.

The initial launch will include:

  • Community-related chat rooms based on your region
  • ESEA Insider chat rooms
  • ESEA Insider voice channels
  • Rank G chat rooms
  • Rank S chat rooms
  • Leagues information and chat rooms
  • Information and support on ESEA Events
  • Platform updates
  • National Championships chat rooms

Features coming soon:

  • Automated posts of .Clips highlights based on epicness
  • Scrim scheduler by league divisions (#find-scrim)
  • Automated posts for league matches going live
  • Twitter and YouTube feeds
  • Automated posts when our Twitch channel goes live
  • And much more!

Find out how to link your account here.

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We hope you enjoy this new community feature and we're excited about adding more to it! As always, we're looking for ways to improve your experience here on ESEA, so if you have any suggestions or feedback please let us know!