New to League? Try your first season of ESEA Open for FREE!

As ESEA rapidly approaches its 34th Season of League with over $180,000 in prizes, we are excited to announce that if you or your friends have never given the ESEA League a try, we’re giving you the chance to do so for FREE.

All that is required of you is to play in 1 of the next 3 ESEA Weekend 5v5 Cups (schedule below) and your ESEA-Open League fee will be waived. As a reminder, these cups normally run weekly with skin prizes for 1st place as well!

Additionally, as a new player with no league history prior to Season 34, if you complete 9 matches of your first season, you will receive a 1 month FREE Insider promo code at the end of the season.


Season 34's offseason qualifier schedule:

Cups that Qualify you for FREE ESEA Open League fee:



April 20th: Season 34 Registration DEADLINE

If you play at least 1 match in any of the cups listed above and have not played in league before, a 'Free' option will be available to you when you attempt to pay your league fees.

Moving forward, this same opportunity will take place every season until further notice. The three qualifier cups will be held during the offseason leading up to the following season's registration deadline.

This is a great opportunity for members of the existing ESEA community to bring in friends, teammates, and anyone they’ve met in MM who are on the fence in taking their game to the next level by competing in the most established and historic online CSGO league in the world.

If you have trouble finding teammates, please feel free to use the forums, Discord community, or recruitment center.

We encourage anyone doing so to take advantage of the ESEA referral program to be awarded the credit (between $5 and $6.95 per new player) for your friends signing up (eligible only for new players).

Signup for Season 34 NOW!

FAQ: How do I receive my free League fee?

As always, we continue to look for ways to improve the experience for you, so if you have any feedback or suggestions, we encourage you to please use our support ticket system and select “suggestions” on the drop down menu. Thank you for your continued support.

Start your competitive league journey today in ESEA Open, and pave your path to the Mountain Dew League, and ESL Pro League!

Good luck, and have fun!