New Verified Clubs and Updates!

Over the past few weeks, since we have launched ESEA Clubs, we’ve seen a lot of great interactions using and being a part of an ESEA Club. We wanted to take some time to update the community on some new features coming to ESEA Clubs.

  • Club owners will now have the ability to select the maps available for their club (based on ESEA Pug maps). Want to have a club that strictly plays de_dust2? Now it’s possible!
  • Club owners can now set a minimum ESEA Rank required to join the club.

Our team has also been reviewing all club applications submitted. During this time we’ve announced 20+ new free clubs for users to partake in and today we are launching three new verified clubs. The owners are, Subroza, Nooky, and Ceh9!


To participate in these clubs head on over to the Club Listings and join today. We will continue to review all applications for ESEA Clubs and will be issuing more in the near future. Some applications have already been approved, and we are working with users to jumpstart their club (e.g. California / West Coast Club).

The complete list of new ESEA Clubs can be found here