Introducing ESEA Clips Beta

You get the craziest frags, funniest fails, and unique moments when playing an ESEA pug.

Often times those moments are never shared. Editing your own clips is often a tedious process, and many users are unable to stream due to limitations with their hardware or internet. Over the last year, we have been working on an innovative new process that allows you to share your best moments with ZERO additional stress on your PC and internet.

Welcome to ESEA Clips Beta.

Anytime you have a round you wish to be clipped in an ESEA match, type .clip in game chat and a menu will pop up. This menu will give you a list of options from round selection, who to spectate, and other details about how you want your clip to appear. ESEA will then generate your clip and you will receive a private message on the website with details on how to access the highlight you requested. All clips are uploaded to Twitch and allows you edit the clip further, if desired.

As with most new feature releases, .clip will debut to ESEA Insider members throughout the beta process. All ESEA Insider members will be issued 3 clips per week during beta. More updates to .clip will be announced over the following weeks as we continue to release additional features and squash bugs.

A huge shoutout to the development and product teams that have put countless hours into launching this new feature and a special thank you to Twitch for working with us throughout the development process.