Live Support now available to all subscribers

On March 14th we launched the Live Support Beta, which introduced the ability for users to request the assistance of an admin in a live matchmaking game.

The initial launch was only available to insiders, and we've taken the time to fix bugs, refine the system and train staff to handle issues that might arise in pugs.

Today we are happy to announce that Live Support is no longer in beta and has been released to all ESEA Premium users. If you are having an issue with another user in your game and it is a reportable offense, you can report that user and that ticket will be sent live to a team of admins on call who will come to your game, evaluate the situation, and issue any punishments that may be appropriate for the situation. Admins will have access to all chat logs, in-game comms, and game footage for the match in question.

With the full rollout of Live Support, users will no longer be able to kick users from their games, instead, an admin will have the ability to warn, kick or ban users once they are reported.

To use the report system, type .report username reason Once your report has been submitted, an admin (if available) will accept the report and be spectating your server in no time. We will do our best to keep the support team staffed to allow for continuous coverage, but those playing in off hours may experience times where an admin is not available.

We hope you are as excited about this update as we are. We envision Live Support to be a major step forward in our efforts to continue to build and grow the best community in esports. We look forward to hearing your feedback!