New Leaderboards and MFA Changes

A fresh view on statistics and updated policy for MFA


  • Introduced new leaderboards
  • Added a process to retrieve an account currently locked out by lost MFA device


Today we launch the first piece of a larger statistics project on ESEA with the creation of new leaderboards. These leaderboards show you where you rank amongst all other ESEA users in unique stat categories, of which allow you to better understand your own play style.


The categories in the new leaderboards are just the start. We are dedicated to updating our statistics across the board for all current subscribers, so there is no need to worry about missing out on future updates.

MFA Update

With overwhelming feedback from our users, we have updated our policy for users that have lost their MFA device. We have also created a new process to retrieve previously lost accounts due to losing an MFA device. This policy can be found in our FAQ section here.