ESEA Payment Platform Update and More

Update Highlights

  • ESEA partners with new payment platform Xsolla
  • ESEA Summer Promotion
  • Twitch integration and free clips

Founded in 2003, ESEA was built from the ground up to satisfy its long history of subscribers as features were innovated on top of each other. We understand and even agree, ESEA isn’t perfect and needs to be better. In 2018 we’ve begun working to update and replace some of ESEA’s core features have started to show their age.

The first major update in 2018 for replacing legacy systems is launching today with the replacement of our payment platform. We’re currently working on a brand new look for our legacy stats system and are working hard to have a beta version released in the coming weeks.

ESEA Partners with Xsolla

In response to the "multi charging incident" with PayPal recurring subscriptions reported by our users, we have completed a lengthy investigation and restructuring of ESEA’s payment system as a response. Today, we are implementing the following changes to address new recurring subscriptions and payments made on the ESEA platform:

We have partnered with Xsolla, a premier payment platform best known for being the payment provider for Twitch. In the immediate term, Xsolla will be handling new ESEA subscriptions for all payment methods outside of Steam (including PayPal). Many of you have already been utilizing Xsolla if you have been paying for ESEA with paysafecard since April. Xsolla brings more robust and updated payment technology tailored for esports and gaming. Xsolla also provides access for ESEA users to a wealth of 700+ new payment types in 200+ geographies. Also, Xsolla will not only be handling the payment process, but will be the merchant of record for ESEA subscribers creating an additional impartial layer of transparency and accountability when it comes to managing ESEA subscriptions.

Furthermore, we have added a new payment history tab to your account management page. This feature will show you the past year’s transactions on ESEA, allowing you to easily access and view the last year's historical payments.

We have introduced more checks around the subscription process (to ensure users are unable to subscribe multiple times on their account) from both our backend and with the introduction of Xsolla. This same technology will also protect Steam payments.

ESEA will be working to send notifications and emails to all users we have identified as being affected to provide compensation and recourse. We are doing everything possible to prevent this from happening again and are confident that the steps we have taken will severely decrease the possibility of a repeat occurrence. If there are any users who would like to understand any charges on their account, please do not hesitate to open a support ticket.

Summer Promotion

One of the new features we’re able to offer by switching payment platforms is the ability to have special promotions. Starting today, any user who signs up for a recurring ESEA Premium subscription through Xsolla using any one of the following payment systems will receive their first week of ESEA for free.

  • PayPal (Worldwide)
  • Credit Cards (Worldwide)
  • Amazon (Worldwide)
  • Skrill Digital Wallet (Worldwide)
  • Webmoney (Worldwide)
  • Yandex.Money (Russia)

This special promotion will end on August 31st, 2018.

Twitch Integration - Free Clips for Users

Over the recent weeks, we have released updates to how we integrate Twitch through the ESEA network and launched ESEA Clips to all users. ESEA and Twitch’s integration will continue to grow over the coming weeks with the upcoming release of new features. To help prepare for these updates, we are giving away two free clips to anyone who connects their account. Head over and edit your profile page to earn this freebie.