Prize Pool Update

In November of 2018, we released one of our most ambitious updates to date, that saw us introducing new systems and improvements to old ones. The Rank S system saw its prizes raised to over $1,000,000 per year while we introduced $150,000 per year to our newly rebuilt Rank G system. Our new Rank Leaderboards based around seasons brought prizes in for all ranks of players from D- all the way to A+. It was an update that delivered rewards for players of all skill levels.

Following this update, Rank G and Ranked Leaderboards have exceeded expectations, with our community providing constant feedback to make them even better. Rank G has become the place where the aspiring player can compete against like-minded individuals and financially support their budding Counter Strike career. In conjunction with ESL USA, we introduced the National Championship program, highlighting the best Rank G players in North America and providing a platform for them to showcase their talent. The Mountain Dew League has given more players opportunities to pursue a career in CS. With a weekly broadcast schedule, substantial prize pool and LAN finals, players are provided with both experience and exposure on their path to the top. Even those who are either not on a team or simply just enjoy pugging have been rewarded something for their efforts in our seasonal leaderboards, regardless of what rank they might be.

We’ve also noticed that the upper echelon players in Rank S, are playing less and less on a casual level than ever before. The saturated schedule of a pro player leaves them juggling practice, scrims, matches, qualifiers, events, travel and their own personal lives, leaving little time for much else in their day. Playing in Rank S or pugging in general, is a difficult task given everything else they tackle on a daily basis in their careers as professional players.

As we’ve evaluated all of the above, we’ve decided to make some changes to take Rank S and Rank G up to the next level. Effective today, we’ll be shifting more money into fewer days for Rank S to create a hyper-competitive environment. With $3,000 in prizes available just one day a week (Monday for EU, Friday for NA), Rank S will deliver higher stakes games with an exciting experience for the players and viewers alike. ESEA will also be broadcasting these games on the ESEA Twitch channel in a casual laid back environment with our Rank S Live show. With more activity and more at stake, expect big plays and some heated moments, especially with the added pressure of qualifying for one-of-a-kind LAN event in Las Vegas.

Given Rank G’s smashing success over the last few months, we’re also going to be increasing our prizes for Rank G up to $3,000 a week, with a new Top 10 leaderboard as opposed to Top 5. First place will now walk away with $1,000! To make things even more interesting for the aspiring players in Rank G, we’ll now be allowing crossplay for players in Rank S. Rank S players looking to play outside of Rank S days, will be able to queue into Rank G and take a crack at the prize money themselves. With a high player count and activity level in Rank G, Rank S players will be able to jump into games quickly with a fast queue while scouting out tomorrow’s top tier talent. This provides a great opportunity for a Rank G player to showcase what he or she can do all while elite Rank S players are watching and broadcasting to their own audience. These matches will also be profiled on the weekly National Championship series that was launched last year in conjunction with ESL NA. The show will focus on both live gameplay during “Basecamp” on Mondays at 9 PM EST while showcasing highlights and player interviews in the “Ascent” on Fridays at 7 PM EST. Both shows will be broadcast to the ESEA Twitch channel.

We’re also thrilled to announce that players in Rank G and Rank S will be fighting for their shot to compete at an exclusive LAN event in Las Vegas! 8 of the best players in Rank S and 8 of the best players in Rank G will qualify for a trip to Las Vegas to meet up with 4 hand selected captains for a weekend of casual CS right on the Vegas strip. More details about the Rank S LAN will be announced on ESEA in the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled!

Rank Leaderboards (For ranks D through A)

  • Leaderboard prize pools doubled to $160,000 per year.

Rank G Changes

  • Rank G prize pool doubled to $3,000 a week per region (EU and NA)
  • Top 10 Leaderboard system (was Top 5)
  • Top 8 Rank G players qualify for exclusive LAN event in Las Vegas! (details TBD)
  • Compete with elite players as we allow them to crossover from Rank S into Rank G!

Rank S Changes

  • Rank S system changed to operate 1 day per week (Monday for EU, Friday for NA).
  • Prizes raised to $3,000 per region on those days.
  • Rank S Broadcast on Twitch 2 days a week, highlighting EU and NA.
  • Top 8 Rank S players qualify for exclusive LAN event in Las Vegas! (details TBD)
  • Rank S players can now compete for prizes in Rank G and scout tomorrow’s pros!

ESEA Leagues

  • League season prize pools increased to $200,000 per season (starting in S31)

We are excited more than ever about where we are headed and we look forward to providing you with a better experience. We hope you enjoy our commitment to making ESEA the one stop shop for you on your journey through the CS:GO world. From beginners to professionals, we believe we have something to offer each and every one of you. We encourage any and all feedback as we move forward on this new journey together. Good luck and of course, have fun!