February 2019 Updates

It has been several months since our last changelog post.  The reason is that our engineering teams have been hard at work on major updates and we wanted to share them with you all at once.  Below are some of the changes that have been deployed.

Client Team

  • Updates to detect hardware cheats
  • Improved efficiency of deploying ESEA Client updates when CS:GO or TF2 updates are released (ESEA Client updates should now automatically deploy within minutes of a game update)
  • Added skins for new verified ESEA Clubs
  • Added ESEA Clubs navigation and page in the client
  • Localization updates to multiple language translations
  • Fixed several rare crashes and performance issues
  • Various bug fixes and internal improvements

Platform Team

  • Improved routing for certain US residential ISPs to game servers
  • Improved server booking efficiency for matches

Web Team

  • Launched redesigned ESEA home page, forums, match pages, and user profile pages
  • Introduced Seasonality for ranks
  • Overhauled Rank A+ and Rank G
  • Updates to Rank S
  • Updated statistics related text on profile pages
  • Fixed leaderboard bug resulting in some users appearing more than once in leaderboards
  • Various localization updates
  • Redesign: Updated game icon on scrim team history
  • Redesign: "Post created" message should no longer follow you around the website
  • Redesign: Allow more buddies in buddylist to be displayed on user profile
  • Redesign: Fixed multiple history bugs on redesigned user profile
  • Redesign: Fixed live match pages showing random results
  • Redesign: Fixed being able to see a blocked user's posts on redesigned pages
  • Redesign: Fixed spacing issues on updated forums design
  • Redesign: Fixed not being able to lock your own forum thread
  • Redesign: Fixed bug resulting in occasional duplicate posting on forums
  • Redesign: Fixed match status on user profile page not being accurate
  • Redesign: Fixed erroneous navigation links
  • Redesign: Fixed match page comments not always displaying
  • Redesign: Fixed sidebar stretching
  • Redesign: Fixed behavior of sticky threads in sidebar