January 2021 Updates

Our engineering teams have been hard at work on updates and we want to share them with you. Below are some of the changes that have been deployed.

Client Team

  • Updates to support ESEA Refrag
  • Fixed several rare ESEA Client crashes
  • Various bug fixes and internal improvements

Platform Team

  • Updates to support ESEA Refrag
  • Many ESEA Refrag bug fixes and changes
  • Changes to league server reservation system to help reduce the chances of a non-league server from being taken for a league match
  • Rewrote .clips backend renderers to improve reliability and performance
  • Routing optimizations for several ISPs within North America and Europe
  • Users from specific Central and South America countries will now exclusively play PUGs in Miami servers we have dedicated for them (you can still play with a friend from North America if you join their queue)
  • Migrated Roubaix location to Paris
  • Increased game server capacity in Miami
  • Overhauled Amsterdam, Madrid, Moscow, Paris, and Sydney game server infrastructure
  • Overhauled GOTV infrastructure
  • Various bug fixes and internal improvements

Web Team

  • Updates to support ESEA Refrag
  • Updated UI for Events
  • Added ability to create an Event team from your ESEA League or Scrim team
  • Added Event history to user profile pages in the History tab
  • Added Event history to team profile pages in the Events tab
  • Added support for emojis in comments
  • Added more icons to player and match cards in advanced match statistics
  • Added notice for Standard users that recruitment ads are not visible until subscribed
  • Added links on match pages to link back to the appropriate event, league division, league season, and other specific details
  • Added .clip capability from match pages – you can now use .clip after your game
  • Added ability to view status of your requested .clip
  • Added smart seeding for events based on PUG and ESEA League experience
  • Added GOTV details to event brackets
  • Added ranks and MMR info to match statistics
  • Added HE grenades thrown and damage to match statistics
  • Added ability to login using your ESL ID once you have linked it to your ESEA account
  • Overhauled leaderboards so you can see how you stack up against the competition
  • Old threads are automatically locked to prevent necrobumps
  • Hide user details in forum comments when viewed by a blocked user
  • Number of items in recent discussion now limited to 50
  • Reworked menu to improve discoverability and ease of use
  • Improved upgrade path for Premium users to upgrade to Insider
  • Improved league history display/formatting for users without league history
  • Improved interaction between Club invites and Club applications
  • Improved thumbnail generation and fetching for .clips
  • Fixed issue during registration where entering an invalid email address could require a page refresh to successfully complete the process
  • Fixed Twitch embeds to support new API requirements imposed by Twitch
  • Fixed overtime phases being incorrectly counted on match statistics pages
  • Fixed linking avatars to user and team profiles
  • Fixed win/loss/tie activity graph counting games that were still in progress
  • Fixed off by 1 error on recent discussion reply count
  • Fixed status bar for "In Progress" maintenance windows
  • Fixed teams on "Who's Playing" widget
  • Localization updates to multiple language translations
  • Multiple redesign updates and tweaks
  • Various bug fixes and internal improvements