May 2021 Updates

Our engineering teams have been hard at work on updates and we want to share them with you. Below are some of the changes that have been deployed.

Client Team

  • ESEA Fast-Path released
  • Improvement to in-game FPS for some users
  • Ban evasion bans will now trigger MMR overturns (similar to cheating bans)
  • Fixed rare crashes related to CS:GO on ESEA
  • Fixed rare ESEA Client crashes
  • Various bug fixes and internal improvements

Platform Team

  • ESEA Fast-Path released
  • Warm-up deathmatch servers have returned
  • Game server network optimizations and tweaks across all regions
  • Increased game server capacity in Johannesburg, Singapore, Sydney, and Washington D.C.
  • Overhauled Frankfurt, Johannesburg, Singapore, Tokyo, Warsaw, and Washington D.C. game server infrastructure
  • Various bug fixes and internal improvements

Web Team

  • Dark theme released
  • Added ESEA Event queue so you can play with others that are missing a full team
  • Added ability to create an ESEA Event team from your ESEA League team
  • Added Premier division to ESEA League
  • Added event history for users and teams
  • Added GOTV link to match watch information (where applicable)
  • Dynamically refresh team list menu after joining and leaving a team
  • Team country flag will now update on profile save
  • Added country flags to league schedule
  • Users can now select to show their tag from any Club (not just verified ones)
  • Increased amount of ESEA .clip tickets included with subscriptions
  • Improved uploading and resizing of images
  • Refreshed UX for manage team page
  • Refreshed UX for Clip of the Week
  • Refreshed UX for ESEA League registration
  • Refreshed UX for account creation and subscribe pages
  • Fixed rare login redirect issue
  • Fixed issue where a team could not change their name
  • Fixed league schedule "All region" filter showing a single region
  • Fixed issue pasting certain content into text boxes
  • Localization updates to multiple language translations
  • Multiple redesign updates and tweaks
  • Various bug fixes and internal improvements