February 2022 Updates

Our engineering teams have been hard at work on updates and we want to share them with you. Below are some of the changes that have been deployed between our last changelog and February 2022.

Client Team

  • Added support for Windows 11
  • Added support for Intel 12th Gen processors
  • Reworked end of match commendations and reporting
  • Added option to log in with ESL ID if you have linked your ESEA and ESL accounts
  • Added a fallback CDN when checking for ESEA Client updates
  • Fixed certain profile and club pictures not displaying
  • Fixed rare error codes related to CS:GO on ESEA
  • Fixed rare ESEA Client crashes
  • Various bug fixes and internal improvements

Platform Team

  • Improvements to .ready list drawing on specific resolutions
  • Added a server location in Guam to accommodate cross-region play between Asia-Pacific and Oceania regions
  • Overhauled Denver, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Stockholm game server infrastructure
  • Fixed rare CS:GO specific spawn and radar bugs
  • Various bug fixes and internal improvements

Web Team

  • Added minimum win requirements to PUGs, League, and optionally, Events
  • Added notices during league registration, on team pages, on event pages, and at the top of the website if minimum win requirements are not met
  • Added a profile setting to disable minimum wins notice
  • Added your CSGO HUB report cards on your ESEA profile
  • Added ability to cast a badge to support a pro team on ESEA
  • Added option to not specify gender
  • Defaulted user gender to "-" for new accounts
  • Added ability to give names to club periods instead of only dates
  • Cleaned up Who’s Online
  • Improved authentication flow via Steam
  • Fixed issue where profile banner may not save properly
  • Fixed issue where a user's avatar badge or profile background would get reverted after selecting "None"
  • Fixed issue where a user could get stuck on the login or MFA form if attempting to download the ESEA Client while logged out
  • Fixed issue where the RWS user profile value would be slightly different on the table and graph
  • Fixed issue where a user may see no teammates after a match, and see "Invalid Match" when trying to rate during end of match reporting
  • Fixed issue where the header background image of a map on a match page may not show correctly on new versions of the map
  • Fixed issue where users with 3+ wins during the holiday period were not awarded the Christmas skin
  • Fixed issue where older pages may flash after content loaded
  • Fixed footer display on very tall viewports
  • Fixed issue where recent discussion may be in an incorrect order
  • Fixed issue where the site may not respond correctly when resizing on older browsers
  • Fixed modals sometimes being blurry for profile pictures
  • Fixed issue where some people may have had trouble uploading certain images
  • Fixed issue where PMs would erroneously be rejected as spam
  • Fixed issue where some users were unable to post specific content into text areas in forums and PMs
  • Fixed league team history showing the same team name for both home and away
  • Fixed issue where sorting may not have applied on stats pages under certain conditions
  • Fixed issue where some map radar images may not show up on heat maps
  • Fixed issue where users may not be receiving SMS messages
  • Fixed issue where a user’s Todo List may be erroneously marked as incomplete
  • Fixed issue where the event queue may not place users on teams under certain conditions
  • Localization updates to multiple language translations
  • Multiple redesign updates and tweaks
  • Various bug fixes and internal improvements