Alias Policy Update and New Knowledge Base

Alias Updates

Since ESEA has launched, we have had very few restrictions on user aliases. A common practice among almost all websites, we’ve developed a new policy for aliases and have implemented them. Any aliases that have violated the new policies have been flagged, and their accounts will not be usable until the alias has been changed to not violate the new alias policy. A user that has an account that has been flagged will show up publicly as (Flagged User).

The following policies are now in place for ESEA Aliases:

  • Alias length: 3-17 characters
  • Can only contain alphanumeric, -, _, ^ characters
  • Must include at least two consecutive letters or numbers
  • Must include at least one letter
  • Cannot have the same character repeated more than six times in a row.
  • Cannot have the same character group more than three times in a row (e.g. ABABABAB)
  • Cannot violate racism filter

ESEA Knowledge Base

In an effort to continue to upgrade our ESEA support system, we have started the migration to a new support hub, Zendesk, to make the ESEA support experience better for all users.

The first step in this upgrade is the migration of the legacy ESEA FAQ system to an entirely new system, the ESEA Knowledge Base. Over the past few weeks, we have imported and updated all legacy FAQs, as well as created new ones for the most common questions on ESEA.

All old FAQ links will automatically redirect you to the new ESEA Knowledge Base homepage, which is now easily searchable and provides a much better user experience.