こんにちは、日本! New Tokyo servers and Japan Club!

Almost four years ago ESEA launched in Asia.

We quickly saw an influx of players wanting to improve their experience by playing on 128-tick servers on our anti-cheat. We qualified two teams from our ESEA League Season 22 and 23 to our Global Challenge, but unfortunately, the teams were unable to obtain visas in time. Over the next several months ESEA Asia slowly became less active despite the rest of our global platform becoming more active as a whole.

However, we want to recommit to the region with a new, more localized approach. One of the issues that players faced previously on the platform was their ISP's routing to servers due to infrastructure available in the region. We feel we can solve this by moving toward a more national-based structure.

Since our initial launch in Asia we’ve added a ton of new features including:

To begin our relaunch in Asia, we will be starting a brand new Club for Japan where players can compete on our new servers in Tokyo! We will be putting up around 56,000 Yen (500 USD) of prizes for the rest of the month. Players from Japan can join the club and start playing to earn points toward the leaderboard. At the end of the month, the top placing players will be rewarded with some sweet skins! The club will be free to enter although players will need at least an ESEA Premium subscription to participate.

If this approach is successful, we fully intend to roll out similar clubs in other parts of Asia and potentially further afield in due course. Similarly, we will scale prizes up following the number of active players in the club. By using a more national-based approach, we can add more local gameservers for different countries allowing players to compete on low ping servers with players from their own nation, minimizing potential language barriers and giving all users a great experience.

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