October 2019 Updates

Our engineering teams have been hard at work on updates and we wanted to share them with you. Below are some of the changes that have been recently deployed.

Client Team

Platform Team

  • Updates to support Warm Up mode
  • Overhauled São Paulo and Stockholm game server infrastructure
  • Launched Miami game servers
  • Launched new Discord server and integration
  • New vote kick system
  • Added 5-queues to PUGs and removed penalty for 3-queues and 4-queues
  • Routing optimizations for several ISPs in Canada, Germany, and Middle East to select locations
  • Various bug fixes and internal improvements

Web Team

  • Launched new Team pages
  • Launched new support system with Zendesk
  • Launched refreshed news and article pages
  • Karma cleanup changes
  • Added Discord integration
  • Added the ability to link your ESL account to your ESEA account (and get two free .clips when you link them)
  • Only show match page demo expiration date when a demo exists
  • Display only map names on recent matches instead of workshop URLs
  • Fixed issue submitting .clip to .Clip of the Week when it did not have a title
  • Fixed league history pagination
  • Fixed rare issue where multiple match cards would be drawn on match statistics
  • Fixed issue where some users were unable to unlock their guestbook
  • Fixed issue opening older private messages
  • Team roster history will now show times for joined and left
  • Users must now enter their account password when leaving a team
  • Added language selector to website
  • Better right-to-left (RTL) language support
  • Localization updates to multiple language translations
  • Multiple redesign updates and tweaks
  • Various bug fixes and internal improvements